Deburring tools

In the field of contour deburring and also in bore deburring, we offer a variety of deburring tools in Europe. The burr is safely removed in many machining processes. For a wide variety of deburring operations, whether "contour" or "bore", we now offer you a very interesting range that can cover your applications.




Flexible deburring tool

Small, compact design, suitable for all types of CNC machines

DSG Entgratwerkzeug

DSG deburring tool

Deburring whisk

DSG deburring tools are designed to remove secondary bones. Deeper holes or intersecting holes can be removed from the existing secondary burr.

One Operation

Heule Precision Tools

Market leader for bore deburring

Deburring of flat and uneven bore edges on both sides in one operation using the universal deburring tool COFA.


Granlund countersink

Granlund Tools is one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision tools for countersinking. The range includes backward mirroring, holders and countersinks with guide pins.


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